FeatherLite Pro Series Aluminum Bit

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The FeatherLite Pro Series engraved aluminum bits are the bit for any horse and rider. These bits will be sure to add a nice touch not only for a nice display but provides great functionality for your horse. The aluminum bit is lightweight and will make for a happier horse for the rest of your riding days.

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The FeatherLite Pro Series Aluminum Bits are the long shank bits you’ve been looking for. These beautiful engraved show bits are made with you and your horse in mind. Now you can have a gorgeous show bit with the exact mouthpiece that makes you and your horse happy. The shanks are aluminum and extremely lightweight, and engraved to add more detail then ever. Now you get a beautiful bit with the shank support you need, without having such a heavy bit for the horse to carry.

  • SHANK – Aluminum 8 1/2″ shanks
  • MOUTHPIECE – All mouthpieces are 5″
  • CHOICES – Now you can have the same beautiful show bit for all your horses, with different mouthpieces to make each horse happy.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT – These bits are extremely lightweight yet durable. Now you can get the same functionality as those other bits, with half the weight.
  • COPPER – Most mouthpieces have some copper in the mouthpiece to ensure a happy soft mouth horse. These bits will keep your horse salivating the entire ride.

Why FeatherLite:

✓ Light weight; easier for your horse to carry

✓ Many mouthpieces to choose from

✓ Mouth Piece’s are still solid metal to keep horse from chewing through the softer metal

✓ Beautiful Engraving on the shanks to give you that “show bit” feel for any ride.

✓ The longer shank produces more leverage than a shorter shank, but is slower acting

✓ The longer shank produces more leverage than a shorter shank, but is slower acting

✓ Bits that have broken mouthpieces are slower acting and provide the horse with what essentially amounts to a preparatory signal.

✓ Most bits have copper to ensure salivation and softness for any horse


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Copper Roller, Snaffle


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