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The OrthoRide™ saddle pad is a contoured two-toned orthopedic grade felt saddle pad with Poron XRD and memory foam build-up pad that is specifically designed to relieve shoulder strain and pressure and helps with poor fitting saddles, unusual horse conformation, high withers, narrow shoulders, young horses, team roping or asymmetrical muscle development.
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What are OrthoRide™ Saddle Pads?

The OrthoRide saddle pad is designed to help correct improper fit between your saddle and your horse’s back. Why do people wear insoles and orthotics in their shoes? Because everyone’s feet and shoes come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. It is the same with horses. With hundreds of breeds and thousands of saddles designs, just like with shoes and feet. Often times a little help makes all the difference with fit and comfort.

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OrthoRide Saddle Pads utilizes a combination of orthopedic material to address common problems with saddle fit.

First we use inserts of PoronXRD® to absorb shock and impact at the contact of the saddle bars. PoronXRD® is currently used in professional athletic padding and is considered one of the best shock absorption technologies on the market today. Next we use a small amount of memory foam to fill in gaps that may occur with the saddle that do not exactly match the shape of the horses back, this ensures a snug fit. Lastly we line the entire bottom of the pads with orthopedic grade felt. This ensures comfort for your horse while wicking away sweat.

All of our saddle pads have high quality felt tops and “extend length” wear leathers to ensure durability and years of use.  All made here in the USA.

The OrthoRide Saddle Pad can address several saddle fit problems:

  • Saddles that are Too Large
  • Saddle Tilt Forward
  • High Withers or unusual conformation horse
  • Narrow Withers

 The OrthoRide Saddle Pad can help performance with the following:

  • Roping
  • Barrel Racing
  • Young horses
  • Older horses

Let’s give our horses some comfort.

The OrthoRide saddle pad wither relief insert is designed to give your horse relief from the hundreds of pounds of saddle and rider that all comes to a point at the saddle bars. To many times you will see a horse that has suffered improper saddle fit indicated by white hair spots at their wither where they now have a permanent injury. This is actually trauma of the hair follicle, turning the hairs in the damaged area white.

 Saddles that are too large.

Saddles are expensive, so for people that own more than one horse having a perfect fitting saddle for each one becomes impractical. Additionally horses’ backs change shape over the years. For saddles that are too large, (where the saddle bars are not resting on the horse’s wither muscle) or the front Gullet of the saddle may be hitting the top of the wither while riding, due to this, the OrthoRide™ can dramatically help. By filling in the space between the bars of the saddle and holding the saddle up level where your weight is more evenly distributed. Additionally this helps keep the underside of the saddle gullet from resting on the top of the horses wither. This can give you and your horse a better day riding.

Sore or Sensitive withers.

There are many horses have sensitive withers and backs, but too often riders are not aware and attribute behavior problems to training. Many times this is due to something wrong with the saddle. Sometimes a saddle will fit level, but the angle of the saddle bars are at an angle that doesn’t match with the shape of the horse, so they end of digging into the horses wither and cause pain. OrthoRide™ keeps your horse’s wither protected and fills in gaps under the saddle.

Young Horses.

Many young horses do not have fully developed wither muscles, or backs for that matter. Early experiences can last a lifetime with a horse. The OrthoRide™ saddle pads are great for young horses because they are gentle on their backs while helping them get used to the weight of a rider with the PoronXRD® inserts absorbing the shock.

Old Horses.

Just like with young horses older horses have similar problems. As horses age they can start to lose their wither muscle and their back get sensitive. Again like with young horses, OrthoRide™ saddle pads are gentle on their backs. The PoronXRD® inserts absorbing the shock.

Barrel Racing – Wither Pinch Saddle Slip

Running straight and making 360 degree turns in a barrel race can really put a lot of pressure on a horse’s withers in a turn. Horse anticipate this and will hold up on turns causing loss of rhythm that can cost time on the run. Let the shock absorption of PoronXRD® reduce the pressure and you might just gain second or two.

Roping Horses – Dally Hit

Any Roper knows that when you dally that rope on the horn and pull that steer the horse is going to feel as they say “a hit.” OrthoRide™ puts the shock absorption of PoronXRD® between the saddle horn and your horses’ withers. Some of our customers have noticed dramatic difference in their horse’s anxiety level after switching to an OrthoRide™ saddle pad.


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31″ x 30″, 31″ x 32″


Desert Rose, Natural Leathers, Turquoise Bloom

14 reviews for OrthoRide™ Saddle Pad by Southwestern

  1. 5 out of 5

    I have a Coat’s roping saddle that fits my rump like a glove. I have been bringing up another horse that is not as broad as my current head horse. The saddle just seems to be riding too low on her withers so I have been putting thicker pads under the saddle and found that the saddle was just sitting on top and sliding way too much. A real recipe for disaster. I read some good things about the BioFit saddle pad and when looking for it, I came across this pad – much less money too. The warranty says there is no risk if I don’t like it so, thought that I would try it.

    First: the OrthoRide pad looks very high quality – which was a nice surprise at the price. The pad is two colors black material on the bottom that they claim is made out of an orthopedic grade felt. (whatever that mean) The top is a nice grey pressed felt material and extended wear leathers that I like, (they protect the pad when using breast collars).

    There is a hump that is at the front of the pad that fills in the gullet under the saddle bars and in my case made the saddle sit perfect flat. Test one good so far.

    Next when I threw on my Coat’s saddle it sat down low over the withers and stayed in place. The little bumps filled the gap like I was hoping. I ran some steers and the saddle stayed on place after the dally. Not sure if it was psychological or actual but it seems my horse got calmer than she has been. Probably me. lol

    I do recommend this pad for specific needs like large saddles and am planning to buy another.

  2. 5 out of 5

    OrthoRide is a good pad and works as claimed. Buy with confidence. Used on my 2 year old mare, beats adding shims that fall out. Great looking, if that matters.

  3. 5 out of 5

    I don’t usually write reviews but the Ortho Fit saddle pad is really a missing piece for fitting a saddle and horse. First let me say that if your horse and your saddle fit with an existing saddle pad you are good to go. But for me all my horses are different and I have only a few saddles that fit me. So I am usually choosing my comfort over the horse. This pad fills in the gap under my saddle bars and leave a nice even sweat mark that I was not getting with any of my other saddle pads.

    I just have to ask why it has taken so long for someone to do this? The biggest problem with fitting a saddle and a horse is the wither. That is where the horse is most sensitive. That is where they can get saddle sores or white spots. People have been stuffing pads and things under saddles for a long time.

    Nice looking pad, but it really is more functional than anything for me.

  4. 5 out of 5

    I bought this saddle pad and it arrived just before I headed to a rodeo. I put it on my gelding and noticed an immediate change in my barrel horse. He ran better and was happier. I’m so glad I bought this pad and I am truly amazed at how much my horses attitude changed after I put it on him.

  5. 5 out of 5

    I love this pad. Bought it for a friend’s birthday, has been out of stock since. I want one for myself.

  6. 4 out of 5

    What a difference. I have tried about a dozen different saddle pads on one of my best horses. He has high withers and none of my 4 saddles fit him like they should. They are either tilting forward or dropping so low the gullet of the saddle hits his wither. I have resorted to thicker and thicker saddle pads that just push the entire saddle up and out of place. The result is the saddle is sliding around on his back, so I cinch down even more which he is starting to get sensitive to. If I don’t use thick saddle pads no matter how much I pull and tug the saddle pad at his wither, in about 5 minutes of riding, I find my saddle tilting forward riding on his wither.

    I knew right away when I saw the design of this saddle pad that it was probably going to work. It is so obvious simple, it puts extra padding right where the bars of the saddle rest, and nowhere else. So the pad isn’t thicker it just puts padding where it needs to be to make the saddle ride straight. My saddle sat lower than it does with the thick pads, The difference is that the bumps on the front of the pad hold the saddle up straight now. I didn’t need to cinch as tight and my horse seemed much more relaxed while riding, ears forward, moving his lips etc.. I have also used it on another horse and it seems to fit just fine also. I think that al lot of saddle don’t fit right on horses, but they fit the riders’ rears and that feels comfortable so they think it must be fitting the horse.

    Pros: Poron Shock absorption material at saddle bars, high quality finish, cinch cut under wear leather, full length wear leather, wither cut on top of saddle pad, orthopedic felt lining underside. (in my case an even sweat mark)

    Cons: may not work with properly fitting saddle, but I find it works well with my other horses.

    I simply don’t know why saddle pads are just starting to do this. I saw an offer to get one of these pads at a great discount and tried it. I was also asked to give a honest review. So here it is.

  7. 5 out of 5

    I just ordered a second one! I tried it when I got the pad at a performance event a couple months back, and all I can say is WOW! I have tried numerous pads on my cow horse, and never have I had a pad that fits PERFECTLY! Sometimes with other pads my horse would twitch, NOT with this pad! We cruise down the trail, cut on cows, spin, lope and when I pull the pad, all sweat is even! I also love the wool, high quality! I am now super excited to have two, cause I plan on using it on my cutting horse. Thanks Southwestern Equine for quality, reasonably priced products that horses and owners LOVE!!!~~ teri

  8. 5 out of 5

    I do not usually leave reviews and I am not sure this will even be a complete review of the OrthoRide but this has made such a difference, I honestly had just wanted to tell people. I have been riding since I was a little girl and now that I am, well never mind, I think I have tried doing just about every event you can think of with a horse. I have gone through periods of buying the latest and greatest tack for each horse etc. Now a-days I know what works and I stick with it pretty much. But if I learned anything it is that each horse is built different and I use different tools for the job. But saddles are just flipin expensive and honestly I want to be comfortable myself when I ride so there are really only two saddles that I have been using 90% of the time. They fit better on some horses then they do on others. WELL my favorite horse paid the price, I noticed that she was getting white hair spots at her withers. If you don’t know that is caused by poor fitting saddles digging into the horses’ shoulders with the saddle bars. This is a flashing red light that your saddle doesn’t fit and hasn’t for a while.

    I started saddle shopping and planned on writing a good check with several 0’s to get a comfy saddle that wasn’t going to take a year to break-in like the one I love now. I had read something in a magazine about the OrthoRide saddle pad and that it was for poor fitting saddles. So I found it for less here on Amazon and tried it, as I knew I could return it if it didn’t work.

    So I guess this is finally the review part. You know it seems to do exactly what it says. It fills in the gap under the saddle bars and raises the saddle up level. There is this bump of padding right where the saddle bars were making contact on my girl. She seems to be more comfortable, no she didn’t tell me but I can tell be the way she carries me that she is lighter in her movement.

    Update: I have had many rides with this pad and it has definitely made a difference. The pad looks like new still and is easy to clean. My girlfriend bought one and uses it all the time also. I would try this before changing saddles. Unless money is no object.

  9. 5 out of 5

    Nice pad, just what I’m needing for one of my horses.

  10. 5 out of 5

    I received my Ortho Fit pad today. I give it a FIVE STAR!!! I have a barrel horse that I was having trouble fitting any saddle we had to him. This was God sent. Ran him for the first time today with it. There was a big change in his run and attitude, Thank you guys. Keep up the AWESOME product.

  11. 4 out of 5

    Works well!

  12. 3 out of 5

    Nice pad but have hard horse to fit mustang.

  13. 5 out of 5

    Great on our young Arabs!

    My wife and I raise Arabs in Nevada. Many of our younger horses do not have fully developed wither muscles so it is important that we start them slowly and do not put too much pressure on their developing muscles and ligaments. We find the Orthoride is a perfect pad for these horses. The pad is light and flexes with the horses’ movement. We especially like the wither bump as it keeps the saddle balanced on the younger horses which is extremely important when starting a horse under saddle. This pad has become part of our riding/training program and we use it on most of our horses young and old to be honest.

    Worth noting, we also find these pads are great for endurance riding as they are light and again give extra cushion keeping the saddle from sliding forward when going down hills. We have several and find now faults. They are good looking, high quality & a very well made.

  14. 5 out of 5

    I’m quite enamored with this pad. So much, I’ll be ordering another one for my MFT. We have a cheapo saddle and this pad leaves even sweat marks every time. Maybe my saddle isn’t that bad, but the pad we got with it never really worked well, and neither did the fleece one (I’ll never use another) we tried. The first one was old and used, so probably the problem. Second was cheap and flimsy. Spend the extra money on this one, unless your saddle is REALLY jacked up (like you shouldn’t even be riding in it at all), I don’t see why there would be any problems at all.

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