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Montana All Wool Saddle Pad

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The new size is great for barrel racers, endurance riders, short backed horses, and more!
This is Montana tan wool saddle pad. The same saddle pad chosen over and over by professional trainers, pro ropers, pro cutters and barrel racers.  Made with high grade fine tan wool, contoured spine and withers cut out with premium top grain wear leathers.
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There is just nothing better than an all wool saddle pad. A true wool saddle pad will fit your horse better the day you put it on and it will only get better as it conforms to the shape of your horse’s back. The hollow natural fibers will wick away sweat and heat keeping your horse dryer and cooler.  Whether you are a trail rider or professional trainer this Wool Saddle Pad will last for years. This is a high quality wool pad made of fine tan wool that has a contoured spine and withers cut out with premium top grain wear leathers.  Look for a more even sweat mark on your horses back when you use the Montana wool pad. Another reason people like wool is it is easy to clean. You can simple hose it off with cool water and then hang dry.

Select from a thickness of 3/4 inch or 1 inch. Then choose 30 inches, 32 inches or 27 inches lengths.  The standard length is 32 inches.

  •  Wool Saddle Pads  Stays Snug on your horse’s back
  • Used by Professional horsemen across the country.
  • Self Contouring to shape of your horse’s back
  • Wool is exceptionally Easy to Clean
  • Wicks Away Sweat Fast
  • Superior Cooling
  • Use Less Cinch Compression
  • Great Shock Absorption
  • 3/4 inch or 1 inch thickness – Thickness is a personal preference.  1 inch is great for roping, sensitive back horses, trail riding or saddles that are a little wide. 3/4 is just a standard thickness.
  • 32″ x 32″ Standard Horse Size – This is by far the most popular length.
  • 30″ and  27″ Barrel Saddle, Short Back Horse or Pony
made in usa

Made in USA

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1 Inch, 3/4 Inch


27 Inches, 30 Inches, 32 Inches

2 reviews for Montana All Wool Saddle Pad

  1. 5 out of 5

    This is a great pad! The wool keeps the sweat away, which helps keeps my horse cool after a long trail ride. It is also very nice built pad and gives more support on her back. I love the cut in the front because it takes away the pressure on her withers, making it more comfortable for her. Highly recommended ’cause this pad matches my pretty paint pony. The neutrality of it brings out the patterns on her brown and white body and her single blue eye. 😉

  2. 5 out of 5

    I bought the 1 inch thick X 28 inch length, which works perfectly for my barrel saddle. I gotta say, this is the best pad I have ever used for my very hard to fit high withered Walker, I couldn’t have asked for better on the trail! I live in the Arizona desert, and this pad really kept her cool, dry, and very comfortable for the long rides. I truly felt for the first time that she was happy and comfy without any aches and pains since I’ve rehabbed her over the past 4 years. She didn’t over heat at all. and Just after a few rides, it has contoured perfectly to her body and saddle. I can’t say enough great things about this pad!!!!

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So here is the low down on sizing a wool saddle pad:

By far, our most popular size in the Montana is the 32 inch length pad. It fits 90% of all horses.  Thickness is up to you, that being said, if you are roping the 1 inch is preferred to give the extra protection when you are dallying a rope to a horn and taking a hit from a steer on the other end.

Next if you have a barrel saddle the is usually shorter that standard western saddles, then the 30" or 27" length is a good bet. Do you have a pony or a very short backed horse? Then again the 30 or 27 inch is probably what you are looking for.

Not to worry, if you are unsure of the size, take a think towel and put it on your horse then put the saddle pad on and then your saddle. check the fit. DO NOT RIDE WITH IT unless you plan on keeping it. If you do the fit check and it is too large or small return it to us and we will exchange it. It must be in like new condition so we can re-sell it as new.