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Southwestern Equine is a family owned and operated business. We are also horse owners, riders and competitors, and so is our staff.  We are cutters, reiner’s, ropers, barrel racers, sorters and trail riders. We make what we think are better alternatives to what is currently available, and it seems our customers agree with some of our ideas. So thank you.

One of the first things you should know is that Southwestern Equine© is our brand of products. And Soutwestern Tack Store is a retail tack store where we sell our own brand and also many others.

Even with the fast paced growth of our business, we are committed to adhere to our core beliefs. Horses are expensive enough and the majority of horse owners, by and large are everyday hard working people that happen to have a strong connection to horses. For those horse owners, we work hard to keep quality high and costs low. And surprisingly we have found that we can make high quality tack in the USA and still offer it for sale at a price sometimes 50% less than many other brands. All of our Pro Series© products are made in the USA. Please feel free to compare our All Wool Saddle pads and Pressed Wool Saddle pads to any on the market. All of our Mohair and Alpaca Cinches our twisted by hand in Texas.

We do not want to mislead anyone either, we do offer other brands names that are made overseas, we feel that if it affordable and does the job, we will let you make the final call on the purchase. So plastic hoof picks, water buckets, and other tack may be made overseas. But we do not put our name on any of them. Yet we stand behind them and warranty them the same as if we did make it.

We want you to love buying your tack from Southwestern. We know that giving you service above and beyond the competition requires going above and beyond with our efforts. One of the things you can count on is that everyone you talk to when you call or email us, is a horse owner and they will listen to you. When you have questions we want to have real experienced personnel with horses that understand your questions and give you helpful advice. Additionally if you need to return a product, the answer is “Yes you can.” If you return it unused and we can resell it, there is 100% refund policy. We also offer free shipping on purchases over $75. Southwestern has one of the most liberal return policies in the business. Return Policy


Casey A – Buyer – Barrel Racer

Michelle W – Customer Service – Barrel Racer

Cole Stevens – Champion Roper

Loren Schendel – Champion Roper

Our company also believes that the youth of our sport, is the future of our sport. So we have an open door policy for sponsorship by way of tack & entry fees for young riders who are looking for a little help following their dreams of becoming professional horseman. We sponsor up and coming young men and women who represent themselves and their sport with professional attitude. Riders like Cole Stevenson and Loren Schendel . All interested riders can apply via our contact us page.

Additionally we give away $1,500 in scholarships to students that participate or compete in horse shows while working on their college degrees.  More info about Southwestern Equine’s Scholarship Program.

So we invite you to take a look around our site and see what you think. Have a question? Give us a call, we would love to talk about horses and tack with you.

Sincerely Tom and Michele Amon


Tom Amon – Owner – Team Roping


Michele Amon – Owner – Reined Cow Horse & Cutting